Automated Doors:

We provide a complete line-up of automatic door solutions:

  • Handicapped Access Equipment
  • Full speed automatic Doors
  • Automatic Sliding doors
  • Automatic Bi-fold doors
  • Automatic Telescopic Doors

Also providing a complete selection of controls and application equipment:

  • Push Button Controls
  • Digital Keypads
  • Card Reader Systems
  • Motion and Safety Sensors

Service and After Market Care:

  • Providing solid service and technical support
  • AutoCAD Drawings and application information
  • Specification writing
  • After Hours Emergency support


  • Equipment supplied, installed and conforming to ANSI standards
  • AADAM Certified
  • BEA Certified Provider

Gated Entrances:

Proud provider to the Commercial, Industrial and Residential gated entrance market for over 20 years:

  • Automatic sliding gates
  • Ornamental Swing gates
  • Chain link cantilever gates
  • Ornamental fencing
  • Parking system barrier gates
  • Control and application equipment
  • Gooseneck stands, digital keypads, communication systems, video systems, card reader systems, loop detector systems including cutting and preformed, transmitters and receivers, telephone entry and intercom systems
  • From entrance design development, to drafting, then to completion
  • Custom ornamental gated entrance design
  • Proud supplier of Linear Osco line of equipment
  • Complete turn-key installation from pillars, gates, footings and foundations, electrical trenching and low voltage wiring, to telecommunications and video solutions
  • We specialize in working with our customers in fulfilling your own unique and creative designs for your home or business
  • We have successfully designed and built installations for such institutions as; health care industry, hospitals, emergency services, police services, equine industry, over 25 private gated communities, airports, farms, industrial plants, and commercial and storage facilities, and private residences.